DT in a Box - Class Box (x 30)

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DT in a Box: Class Box (x30)

In this box you will receive pre-cut and prepared resources/components to enable easy and stress-free delivery of a DT project for your class. This ‘DT in a Box: Class Box’ includes everything required for 30 children to develop vital DT skills and produce a quality final product to be proud of.

These boxes are designed to make the resourcing and planning for DT projects within primary schools as convenient as possible, whilst allowing the classroom teacher time to focus their efforts on the specific autonomy of delivery.

To help with the delivery and planning process, schemes of work, activity resource sheets and other useful help sheets are included to ensure that as many skills as possible in the iterative design process and National Curriculum are developed and maximised.

The ‘DT in a Box: Class Box (x30)’ are designed to be completed within the primary classroom, using basic DT tools and equipment usually available. If you feel that you do not have the necessary tools and equipment within your school for children to complete these, please contact us for further resourcing, we will endeavour to make your box as tailor made and bespoke for you as possible.

We have the following projects available:

- Wood Bots suitable for EYFS

- Moving Toy suitable for lower KS1

- Clock Making suitable for KS1 and KS2

- Automaton suitable for KS2

- Anderson Shelter suitable for KS2